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  • You willget 100% Royalty
  • Publish in any Genre
  • Publish in multiple languages
  • Own 100% copyrights
  • Place on online platforms like Amazon
  • Track your sales online

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Our Self-Publishing Process

Have a look at our standard process. This can be further customised to fit your needs.

Once we decide to Publish, you fill the input questionnaire for our designers to understand the book theme

Our Design team starts working on your inputs & understand the requirements for the visuals, cover & layout designs

We will allocate an ISBN for your book & Start formatting as per standards to share the sample Layout for approval

We present the complete book design for your approval to sign the agreement & to publish your book for international retailer platforms

Once published, you start getting your royalties.

Self publishing made easy and affordable

An Indicative Starter Package will cover all the aspects of self-publishing your book.

  • You will get 100% Royalty for your book.
  • We curate letters, symbols, and glyphs so that it's print-ready.
  • Get Customized Cover Designs for the genre of your book.
  • You own 100% copyrights to the book.
  • Unique ISBN for your book.
  • Professional typesetting of your book.
  • 3D Mockup for social media platforms.
  • Books Placed on online platforms like Amazon.
  • Reorder your book with just one copy.
  • Split payment options are available.
  • One-on-One support throughout the process.

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Unlock your true potential with us

It is natural for a self-publishing author to feel the inhibitions before launching. We help overcome those doubts and self-consciousness by adding confidence every step of your way. We start with creating state-of-the-art book covers, illustrations, and imagery.

Our visuals and artwork bring your imagination to breathing. We help you get the books publish-ready with unique, relevant, and custom-made layouts. We help in typesetting the pages before you launch your masterpiece.

To look at the books we have brought to life.

We do Online Distribution of your Book

We intend to help self-publishing authors meet their goals faster. We provide:

  • Distribution on leading online platforms such as Amazon and Kindle.
  • Easy to upload formats for books such as PDFs, EPUB, TXT, MOBI, AZW, etc.
  • We create your account to track your sales performance.

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Find the Frequently Asked Questions Answered Here

Know Benefits of Self-Publishing over Traditional publishing.

It gives you 100% copyrights for the titles.
The speed of publishing is faster.
It allows an author to decide the designs & layout of the book.
It gives you the liberty to manage your book royalty.
Creates a window to work with professional editors.
It is a one-stop solution to place your book on multiple platforms.
Allows you to reorder with even a single paper copy.
It enables you to monitor your sales performance.
You get control over the digital storage, manuscripts, designs, and marketing of your book.

What is the cost of Self-Publishing a book?

It starts with a Value for Money package cost of £720 that covers all you need to publish & market your book. You can choose from Our Self-Publishing Packages to know more.

How do I start to Self-publish my book?

We are just a call away. Book an interaction call with our Self-Publishing Expert. Share your inputs, theme, ideas in a questionnaire shared with you. Our expert will be working closely with you for the entire process till we publish & market your book on various international platforms. We call this process of handholding as Last Mile promotion for Self-Publishing.

How does Print-on-Demand work?

Print-on-Demand is a far-reaching way to self-publish. You can start ordering your copies with just a unit at amazon. The order of a single copy goes for the print & posted to the consumer directly. It extinguishes the concept of ordering bulk copies & the cost of stocking.

Do you market the books as well in self-publishing packages?

Yes, we do. We include placement of the books in all packages of self-publishing. We will place your book on online platforms like Amazon & Kindle which will be available and on sale throughout the world. Readers will have options to buy your book in two ways.
Paperback through a Print-on-Demand process.
As an e-book via Kindle.

Which Kindle format pays the most in royalty fees?

Amazon! They offer fee structures for royalties on Kindle books in two ways, i.e. 70% and 35%. It varies with the price of the book & other factors like file size
-70% royalty is paid to an author if the cost of the book is over £1.99.
-35% royalty is paid if the cost of the book is under £1.99.
Amazon will also deduct a small fee for the file size of your book.
All the above figures are indicative & keep on changing as per the guidelines of Amazon pricing.

Is the Paper copy of the book a part of the package?

The Standard package will not include the free paper copy of the book. We recommend it to purchase at least one proof copy.

How do I decide on the paper size of my book?

The most popular size of the book is the standard category. (13.97cm x 21.59cm). We keep the paper size to standard unless requested. However, it is basis your script & images. The cost of printing also varies with factors like size & number of the page, images & page quality.

Will I receive my proof copy?

You will see your book and be able to make alterations long before it is available on Amazon.

How do I promote my book on other platforms?

In this world of ever-changing social media, one can promote the book by running ad campaigns on social media, attracting cost. However, we offer an exclusive opportunity for our Publishing Authors to promote their books on our website platform at no cost. You shall record a 30 sec to 1 min video with your book theme and share it with us. We will showcase your book through your video to the fraternity of authors & readers at our promotion segment.

Do I have to pay the total amount in advance?

Of course not! We offer part payment methods for all our Self-publishing authors.

Can the author buy at a discounted price from Amazon?

You will order your book at a substantial discount directly from Amazon.

Let us publish & promote your book and make some pleasant noise about the achievement.

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